Scratch of Labels

Scratch cards are thin credit sized Paper/PVC/BWB/HIPS card, printed with the telcom operators / internet service providers identity & instructions for use with having scratch off label on the hidden code. By entering a concealed number printed on the card, the customers scratch the same to reveal the hidden number or text.

It comes in standard Core Diameter of 75mm, the roll diameter depends upon the label size, backing paper is of silicon based with good release property and good strength. Scratch off label is available in different size and patterns like – wavy/dotted/ leopard/thick way/holographic and plain silver.

  • Standard Core Diameter : 75mm
  • Pattern: Wavy, Plain silver and leopard.
  • Standard size of the scratch off label: 6mm x 30mm, 6mm x 35mm, 8mm x 35mm, 8mm x 40mm.
  • Ups: 1-ups, 2-ups, 4 in 1 & 5 in 1
  • Backing paper: silicone based.
  • Scratch ability : Smooth
  • Special feature: Opaque
Key Features
  • Well defined security cut on the label.
  • Heavy clear coat to eliminate tape lift.
  • Clear polystyrene base film.
  • Synthetic scratch coating will not lock up.
  • Specialized synthetic scratch coating of the label gives the opaque property against light sources which doesn’t change over time.