Lanticular Sheet

A Lanticular lens is an array of magnifying lenses. The most common example is the lenses used in Lanticular Printing, where the technology is used to give an illusion of depth, or to make images that appear to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles.

Lanticular printing is a multi-step process consisting of creating a Lanticular image from at least two existing images, and combining it with a Lanticular lens Examples of Lanticular printing include Flip, 3D, Rotation, Zooming and animation effects such as winking eyes and modern advertising graphics that change their message depending on the viewing angle.

Lanticular Effect
  • 3D : This effect can be added to any photo artwork design, gives the viewer the illusion of a 3-dimensional environment.
  • 2D Layer Depth : consists of flat planes of imagery floating in space or used our software to easy create your artwork from 2-D to 3-D depth images.
LPI Specification
PET Series
PET 40 710*510*0.8
PET 70 710*510*0.9
PET 75 710*510*0.45
PET 75 710*510*0.6
PET 100 510*710*0.35
PET 100 510*710*0.6
PET 150 710*510*0.26
PET 200 510*355*0.18
PP Series
PP 100 710*510*0.38
PP 100 710*510*0.58
PP 80 710*510*0.45
PP 59 710*510*0.60
PP 75 710*510*0.5
PP 75 710*510*0.68
PP 100 710*510*0.35
PP 100 710*510*0.67

***All the lens material accept to offset printing application

***OEM size are welcome for Lens material

Key Features
  • Flip: This effect is achieved with 2 images or more that alternate back and forth when viewed at different angles. Normally used 2 images are utilized though more are possible. For example the products images before and after the messages. The effect can delivers two advertisements with one display.
  • Motion: This effect can be used to video, movie clip, or series of photos generation of animated images, This is ideal for conveying use of a product movement or showing a clip of a special event.
  • Morph: This effect allows two or more images change into each other, one image to smoothly change into another images, can use our software to generation morph effect. We advise the best morphing result is between two similar objects.
  • Zoom: This effect brings an object closer or farther away depending on the viewing angle. The effect is from small to large similar to a zoom lens on a camera, This is a great way to make for highlighting product or logo messages and catch people's attention.
  • PRODUCT PROMOTION TOOLS Like: Movie Introduction, Gift and Premium promotes, Book Split, Magazine cover Tag and Label, Mouse Pad, Coaster
  • PRINTING BUSINESS like: 3D printing, Diary, Calendar, Table Dairy, Greeting card, Post card, Visiting card
  • PACKING INDUTRY like: Premium, Cosmetic, Gift boxes.
  • ADVERTISING BUSINESS like: Poster, Outdoor display.